Individual training

CROSS OVER provided working with top coaches for players in all positions, in addition to the daily program. Additional training will be organized once a day with a share of one to a maximum of three players in the group, and focus will be placed on the elements of the techniques that players want to improve.

Individual practice is very important since during group practice, coach is not at position to corect techinical imperfections of each player individualy. Therefore it is important that players "invest" in themselves by improving their technical and psichological strenght, in order to use it during game.

Some technical elements that can be pointed during practice:

- point or shooting guard technique
- small and power forwards techniques
- centers tehnique
- shooting
- Attack(offense) facing forward or facing back for centers and power forward positions
- individual defence at all positions
- dribling
- ball handling
- playing without a ball
- physical practice