Accommodation and sports facilities

ARTEM sports complex

Multi-purpose hall is covered with modern surface - Gerflor original, and is ideal for training and competition. Outdoor courts are fully covered with tartan mass which provides ideal conditions for training, but also helps prevent injuries. There is also aerobics room, small gym, air-conditioned classrooms, etc. All courts are illuminated by reflectors.

Artem sports complex is located in the one of the most modern student facilities in Serbia, in a quiet and green suburb. Artem has 55 completely renovated double and triple rooms with private baths and 50 double and triple duplex rooms that share one bathroom.




Multi-purpose hall is covered with parquetry. Outdoor courts are fully covered with tartan mass, and most of the day in the shade. In addition there is a big and modern gym and outdoor fitness track through the woods.

Hotel “Šumarice” is a distinguished hotel, located in the mid of the Memorial park, 3 km from the city center. Hotel is built in line with a traditional Sumadija’s architecture, located in an intact nature and deep silence of deciduous and coniferous forest.
Rooms in 3 star hotel “Šumarice” offer the level of amenities found in 4 star hotels: air-conditioned with phone and internet connection, TV, mini bar, luxury bathroom...